How does Response Network work?

How does Response Network work?

The ICEplus response network has many layers of types of providers which gives us effective coverage and overlap of our responders to increase the availability of resources when needed.
We have a combination of
  1. local monitoring and armed response companies, 
  2. guarding companies who have response resources, 
  3. national vehicle & asset recovery companies
  4. independent vehicle and asset recovery contractors
  5. and in some special cases we have some professional community organisation who have their own response resources.
We contract our response network out to Vehicle & Asset, Tracking & Recovery Companies. We have a number of large national companies which are based across the country in all major cities, towns and high risk areas. 

To compliment this network, we have contrcated traditional monitoring and armed response security companies.  The benefit of local security companies is they are far quicker to respond especially in the major cities where their coverage is extremely dense.

Most importantly, do not forget SAPS and Municipal Police Services, we have an excellent relationship with the organisations and often they are our best response partners for positive emergencies, plus we are required by law anyway to notify SAPS of any positive emergency that is not purely medical related. In  some rural and secluded areas where it is not viable to have private security, they are the only resources.

It is imporatant to note, that this network is constantly evolving and growing in number as we identify areas that need additional security response. 
So if you have a local security provider that you would like us to incorporate into out network, please provide us with their details and we will gladly partner with them in their local area. 

ICEplus Network Coverage

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